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Classy Camper Cocktail Company Vendor Spotlight

Classy Camper Cocktail Company is a mobile bar company. Classy Camper will provide you with the bar (if needed), bartenders, and the expertise needed to fulfill all of your bar needs. This week we spent some time getting to know more about Classy Camper and Morgan.

When did Classy Camper Cocktail Company Start and how?

2017 is when I started Classy Camper Cocktail Company. My family owned a restaurant for 11 years. I managed and ran the bar and after it closed, I knew I wanted to do something on my own but with a little more freedom.

What makes your different than other bar services?

I offer my services out of a renovated 1961 Shasta Camper. I also offer my services without the camper too.

What is one of the top things your wedding guests look forward to?

THE BAR of course! So I bring an elevated and experienced bar service that guests won't forget. Including a super cute set up and yard games too!

What is your favorite type of client?

My favorite type of client is someone who isn't afraid to get adventurous with their cocktails.

Best advice you would give to clients planning a wedding?

My advice to couples is enjoy your day as it goes by so fast. Choose wedding professionals that you trust. When it comes to the bar do 2 or 3 signature cocktails and beer and wine. It will help you save you money and it offers something for everyone.

Tell us something about you!

I have 2 little ones at home they are 11 and 3!

How do clients learn more about you and Classy Camper Cocktail Company?

Contact Person: Morgan Herchenroder

Phone #: (518)755-0141


Instagram: @classycampermobilebar

Facebook: Classy Camper Cocktail Co.

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