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Felthousen's Florist Vendor Spotlight

We have worked with many florists over the years and one of our favorite wedding florist in Saratoga and Albany is Felthousen's Florist. Felthousen's has been in business since 1913! WOW! Talk about a long line of experienced florists. This week we spent some time with owner Mark.

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

I was born into it since my family has been in the floral business for over 100 years

Describe your favorite type of client?

For a wedding client, I like a couple that has a clear idea of what they wants and knows their budget. But, we have plenty who don't and we help them get to where they want to  be.

What makes you different at what you do?

We have a large staff of talented designers and we've done it all.

What is the best compliment you've recieved from your clients?

That we have captured their vision and made their day easy and beautiful.

What is your favorite wedding month and why?

October, for the colors. 

What is the best advice you could give a couple?

Communicate about and stick to your budget.

Now, Let's get a little personal!

What would your last meal be?

Hungarian goulash

Bucket List Travel Destination?


What did you want to be when you were little?


Where is your happy place?

At my camp in Argyle NY

How do clients learn more about your services?

Phone Number: 518-374-4414


Facebook: Felthousen's Florist

Instagram: Felthousen's Florist

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